Civil Society Groups for Good Governance
Wuye District, Abuja, Nigeria.

About us

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Civil Society Groups for Good Governance, is an assemblage of over 180 civil society organizations totally committed to the improvement of knowledge that will guarantee standards at all levels of service delivery.

It is a voice and accountability platform that liaises with government to ensure a hitch free implementation of government policies and programs, by educating and providing in-depth information to sensitize the public and garner the requisite support for the intentions and success of government policies and developmental plans.

CSGGG partners with the government and other stakeholders in the discharge of its responsibilities and confidently tick off on crucial promises, especially entrenching the tenets of democracy that will ensure lasting and sustainable development.

Our Vision Our Mission

To build a five star resource centre for Civil Society Practitioners that will focus on advocating for Good Governance and tracking performances.

To safeguard Nigeria’s Democracy and elevate the culture of accountability, probity and excellence in governance, in order to deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizens of Nigeria based on the tenets of international best practices.

Our Core Value

Our core value abbreviated as PACTLID translates to;


We glory in our collective Nigerianness.


Our word is our bond.


We are constant in purpose and strategy.


We keep no skeletons in our cupboard.


We are fully vested in our assignment and devoted to our clients.


We have a healthy self esteem and sense of values.


We pay attention to details.

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From the President

Civil Society Groups for Good Governance,

“We’re committed to improve knowledge that will guarantee standards of service delivery”